How to submit articles: 5 common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

Published: 04th July 2011
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Committing mistakes is not possible even if you’ve been submitting articles for years. It’s never too late to turn things right and appropriate. For beginners, you can save time and lessen your trouble if early as now, you can avoid these mistakes. This will be your first learning on how to submit your articles. You will see better results and soon will have a deeper understanding of what are the benefits to have a great article marketing campaign.

Here are 5 common mistakes and how to correct them;

1. No keyword research – you may heard that using keywords plays an essential role in submitting articles but you’re not sure what is it all about. You may ask "Is that necessary?" you may not think about it or you just put it off but it is really to your benefit. You should learn all about keywords and how to use them right on submitting your articles from the very beginning. As a tip, you can use Google’s free keyword suggestion tool and come up with some phrase to target in your resource box. Always target alternate keywords and make sure to hyperlink the keywords so that it will bring traffics back to your website. You can start in a simple article and make more experiences. The important thing is start somewhere!

2. No enough attention to your resource box – this can have a serious impact to your article marketing success, your resource box must tell the readers why they should take your advice or makes them convince to click the link in your resource box which leads them back to your website to have you gain more traffics. Links are not the only thing that matters. A brief author bio should also be included and a brief caption why readers must visit your website. This gives you good results.

3. Submitting few articles – maybe you don’t have any idea how many article you should be submitting for a good results. For automatic submissions, go to at least 8 articles per month. For manual submissions, the quantity of articles makes impact move up. Submitting one or two per month isn’t likely good enough to make a difference. In order to see great results be sure you submit the right quantity of articles per month consistently.

4. Submitting drastically more articles than necessary – some people might say "If little bit is good, then a lot must be better" this might be true but not to all situations. Article marketing is one of it. If you submit articles drastically more than the recommended quantities, it can have a negative SEO consequences. It can do the exact opposite of what you are expecting. So it is recommended to stick with the right guidelines and don’t think you’re going to get faster results and better results by going over to those recommended quantities.

5. Expecting results right away – we all have this attitude. We want to see that our efforts are paid off from day 1. Some people try something for a little while and when they don’t see any changes right away, they give up. Avoid this attitude. Article marketing takes time to take effect. With your very first article that you submit, changes are starting to happen but they are behind the scenes. It usually takes several months for a steady article marketing campaign to create a visible result in search engines. For this reason, patience is really needed to be successful in article marketing.

May these 5 beginner major mistakes may guide you on submitting your articles. These kinds of mistakes are extremely common but also extremely easy to correct. This is your time to make your corrections and move forward with your new knowledge. Using any of these solutions can have a big impact in your article marketing success.

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